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Natural Healing Bradenton was founded by Andrei Cornejo, Reiki Healer, Prana Healer, Acupressure Therapyst, Medicinal Herbal practitioner, Hypnotherapyst, etc.
Andrei offers his healing services to people who need support in changing their way of living since 2015 after several years of study and hours practicing.
Andrei and his brother Fausto, who lives in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, put together, an ecommerce shop to give natural products like CBD-HEMP, Medicinal Amazon Extracts, Healing Sessions and Retreats in the Amazon of Ecuador with Yachags (Kichwa word for Shaman) and Native Healers with Ayahuasca.
All of our CBD-HEMP, Amazon Extracts comes from the best farmers, producers and native communities, with an extrict Lab tests and procesess.

With Love NHBShop.
Andrei & Fausto