B.Caapi has been used by native tribes in South America for at least 1,000 years. Just as the ceremonial setting for B.Caapi with a guide has become popular, microdosing B.Caapi is also proving valuable. Taken in small amounts on its own, the B.Caapi vine is calming and has various medicinal properties.

Relieves depression and anxiety - improves overall mood - anti-inflammatory - antioxidant - strengthens immunity - anti-malignant - improve memory - increases intuition - increases creativity and focus - improves mental health - promotes a deep sense of serenity and healing - achieve deeper meditative states - overcome addictions - increases spiritual awareness and connection.

It can slowly increase serotonin levels over time, promoting a sense of well-being. Alkaloids called harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine are beneficial to cognition in different ways. One study showed that harmine can increase neuron cell growth by up to 71.5%. Animal models given harmine showed increases in short-term memory as a potential result of neuronal cell growth. There is evidence to suggest that harmine alone may provide antioxidant benefits for the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus brain regions, which may suggest increased cognition and neuroprotection.

In humans, patients struggling with mental decline or Parkinson's disease have found relief from using the B.Caapi vine specifically without the DMT. According to those who work with B.Caapi in a micro dosing context, consuming the plant over time can create a sense of calm and increase flow and creativity. More importantly, it can facilitate a deeper connection with yourself and the answers you have buried within.

The micro dosing process is quite simple. Once or twice a day, depending on your needs, place 1-3 full droppers (approximately 25 drops each) of the tincture under your tongue and allow it to absorb. Use your intuition to increase or decrease the amount and frequency to find the best micro dose for you. 

Note the contraindications below, you can't take too much. And B.Caapi does not build a tolerance in your system, so you can take it as often as you like.

The effects of B.Caapi differ according to its intention. It is by no means a panacea, but it works with your mindset and goals to help you overcome personal obstacles and problems.

Our B.Caapi tincture is made from a double extraction method, using both organic ethanol and pure water to extract water and alcohol soluble bioactives. Each 2 oz bottle contains approximately 9 grams of B.Caapi vine extract, or 352 mg per 25 drops.


Although the micro dose is a minimal amount and we doubt there is any cause for concern to the average healthy person, we must say that because B.Caapi is a RIMA (Reversible Monoamine Inhibitor), it is possible that it may react badly with other medications or foods it may ingest and is therefore not recommended for use in combination with other antidepressants, MDMA (Ecstasy), anti-anxiety medications, blood pressure reducers, ADHD medications, epinephrine, etc. Consult your doctor if you are taking any prescription or are under a doctor's care.

This is just the pure vine and contains no DMT-containing additives. Taking large doses of this to facilitate a psychedelic experience is not recommended.

Contraindications: Some people are much more sensitive to beta-carbolines in micro doses pure vine only. If after microdosing you begin to feel anxious, pay attention to the foods you are consuming and avoid those that contain tyramine such as fermented foods, cold meats, cured cheeses, red wine, etc.

Not recommended for people who have high blood pressure or heart problems.

While using this tincture, it is best to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs as they can act as depressants, masking any benefits of the tincture.

B.Caapi tincture is not addictive, is safe for those in addiction recovery programs, and can support and enhance recovery from addiction.

B.Caapi tincture alone will not cause nausea or purging when taken as directed.

Individual coaching is a powerful addition to support your transformation and uncover the root causes of dissatisfaction while as it works with this powerful medicine.