Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazon

It is time to embrace Humanity with my healing, extending beyond the Amazon basin, reaching global expansion, spreading through all the soils of tropical climates, growing in every forest, in every sidewalk, in every house garden. Care about me, harvest me, spread me around. Warriors of Light from Around the World......
Help Me To Help You !

Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Amazon of Ecuador, with a Native Community to experience their traditional medicines with the Yachags (Shaman) and Healers.

 PRICE: $ 1200 Per person

Maximum: 6 people per retreat, minimum: 2 persons (check for prices for 2)

This is an Example of the trip:

San Pablo de Katetsiaya. This is the name of the Siekopai community that operates the Sehuayeja Community Tourism Center, in The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Walks in the humid forest, bird watching, fauna and flora, and sport fishing; Healing with plants, living with families and community activities.

The objective of this trip is a cultural and natural immersion with one of the most interesting and spiritual tribes in the entire Amazon Basin.

The Secoya, or Siekopai, people traditionally inhabited a very large territory between the Putumayo and Napo rivers in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. They are renowned for their shamanic acumen and knowledge of medicinal plants. Their language, Pai’koka, is part of the Western Tucanoan language group. Missionary activity, rubber extraction, colonization, palm oil production, and petroleum activity have reduced Secoya territory to less than 30,000 hectares in Sucumbíos Province in Ecuador—a tiny fraction of their ancestral territory.

The Secoya now number around 800 people in Ecuador and around 2000 in Peru. In Ecuador, the Secoya are concentrated in three communities along the Aguarico River: San Pablo de Katetsiaya, Siecoya Remolino Ñe’ñena and Eno.

The Secoya suffer heavily from oil-related contamination. Rivers have been contaminated, making much of the water unsafe to bathe in or drink. The Secoya can no longer subsist solely on traditional activities like hunting, fishing, and growing edible crops. As a result, African palm production and oil extraction have a strong influence in the communities, rapidly degrading the remaining portion of rainforest the Secoya call home. That’s why we have created this program together with the community to give an alternative of income for the people that try to maintain their way of life.


 DAY 1

Transfer IN from Quito

This could be done either by bus, private van  or airplane to Puerto de Francisco Orellana (Coca) city. (not included)

Arrival in the morning.

Lunch in route to the Community San Pablo de Katetsiaya, where we will meet our hosts

Toxic tour Awareness of the environmental reality of the Siekopai.

Introduction briefing


DAY 2 through DAY 6

There are  many possibilities that We can offer  We consider that a fixed program is not a good idea given the unpredictability of the weather, availability of the hosts, and the overall mood of the group but among some of the activities we can offer:

=  Participate on a minga or communitary work to help in  the gardens or build a traditional house.

= Preparation of traditional food such as Casave or chicha made of Yuca  an amazonian tuber which is the main diet of Amazon people.

=  Handcraft making  with the Secoyas. Women and children showing us how to gather materials in the forest to make traditional-style crowns, jewelry, pottery and baskets

=  Get to know rainforest medicinal plants, such as  Ortiga, Uña de Gato, Dragos blood, Chuchuwaso and others

=   Meditation with very tall old trees like the mighty Kapok tree

=  Bonfires where we listen to ancient myths and stories  from elders and shamans

  • 2 night ceremonies guided by the elders with sacred  Yage or Ayahuasca medicine

=  Experience a deep jungle wilderness adventure to learn about tropical ecology and natural history of the Amazon wild life

=  Hammock lounging

=   Identify plants and monkeys, toucans, and other wildlife

=   Plant collecting for local Siekopai  Ethnobotanical Gardens

=   River  fishing  & bathing

=   Siekopai -style face painting with natural traditional dyes

=   Sunset canoeing and exploration of the Aguarico river

=   Natural purges and detox with amazonian plants

=   Sunrise  meditation and drinking  Yoco (sapindaceae, Paullinia yoco), a vine containing caffeine which the Siekopai drink in the morning to gather energy to start the day.

DAY 7  


Goodbye circle and exposition of handcrafts by local women

 Return To Puerto Francisco de Orellana


 = Light clothing

= Rain gear

= Camera and binoculars

= Flashlight

= Rubber boots

= Water bottle

= Sun protection

= Insect repellent

Price includes:

Community entrance fee

Accommodation in community house

All Vegetarian Meals

Bilingual Naturalist and local guiding

Forest and river excursions

Community activities




Transportation to and from Puerto Francisco de Orellana

Soft drinks and alcohol



Dieta Guidelines

All meditation ceremonies are best done on an empty stomach. So, especially for the night meditations, please don’t eat on the day of the events from 2 pm on. Absolutely NONE of the following for at least 7 full days prior to the retreat / ceremonies and for 7 days afterwards:

1. Drugs (legal or illegal). If you are on any prescribed medication, for your own
safety please do let us know a.s.a.p. so that we may be made aware of any
meds you are taking and advise accordingly. Certain medications are NOT
compatible with plant medicines at all.
2. Alcohol
3. Meat (Fish and Eggs are okay)
4. All processed foods
5. All sexual activities (even masturbation)

Avoid or restrict the following for at least 7 full days prior to the ceremony and for 3 days afterwards:

1. Salt – a little is okay, but please rather use small amounts of healthy alternatives like Braggs Amino Acids / tiny amounts of Himalayan Salt.
2. Sugar – a little honey is okay.
3. Fats – a little Olive Oil and/Coconut Oil is okay. Some nuts are allowed but please restrict the amounts.
4. All dairy products – specifically cut out Milk, and even Soya. Rather use Rice
Milk for this period.
5. Overly ripe fruits (like banana and avocado), cut back on citrus fruits and no
raspberries please.
6. Carbonated Drinks – stick with pure still water.
7. Iced or very cold foods (sorbet etc.) and fermented foods (like Vinegar and
8. Coffee and caffeinated drinks, even decaf coffee is to be avoided (but a little green tea is okay).
9. Highly spiced foods – please avoid Chillies, Mustard, Garlic and Ginger (green herbs, turmeric and onions are fine).
10. Watching Television and Reading Newspapers – rather spend more time
meditating, doing yoga, reading spiritual material or taking walks in nature and
calming your mind chatter prior to the retreat.
* Please keep food fairly plain and low fat. Remember that most of our Western diet does not exist in the jungle! When drinking plant medicine they usually only eat plantains and plain rice in the jungle with no seasoning and no oil. However after working with the plants for years now, we have found that the lists above encompass the most important guidelines to maintain.
* Smoking is allowed, however if possible please try to use cigarettes and tobacco that is chemical free (perhaps even try rolling your own cigarettes for that period).

* The aim is to get your body as clean as possible before working with the subtle
vibration of the plants. Please avoid commercial toothpaste while you are on
the diet. Rather use a Fluoride and SLS free version available at most health shops. Also please do not use very strong fragrances/nail polish/lotions on you body before, during and after the ceremony. Everything you put on your skin/gums/nails is absorbed into your blood stream within a few hours.
* For the women, if your monthly flow is due to come on at that time, please do let us know even if you just tell us on that night. The menstrual flow can affect the energy in the ceremony and so needs to be made clear to us before we start so that we may balance the energy correctly.

Important Health Information
No prescription drugs (please contact us with more information if you are currently taking any medication, especially antidepressants (!) or antibiotics)
This healing work is not compatible with pregnancy.

* * *
By eliminating these things from your diet and lifestyle, you will prepare your body physically mentally and spiritually for the experience, and perhaps will reduce the amount of “purging” needed to clean your physical body.